“Being a good paramedic means
being able to do as much as you possibly can to save a life… and knowing how to accept it,
when this is just not enough

Aims & Objectives of IPI

  • 1 To expose the benefit of paramedical science.
  • 2 To train candidates with deserving quality for fair and professional practice.
  • 3 To issue ethical guidelines for the professional practice and lift-up the standard of quality practice.
  • 4 To expose the students and teaching staff of the institute with the recent scientific development in the paramedical sciences by holding periodical presentations and seminars, workshops, refresher courses, orientation courses, India-level meetings and lectures etc. and regular exposure by journals, publications discussions etc.
  • 5 To expose the students and teaching staff of the institute with world-class technological advancement in the field of paramedical science and their operations.
  • 6 To encourage the other Institutes and research labs all over Maharashtra as well as India to work in collaboration and promote the field.
  • 7 To maintain the honour and dignity of the principles and protect interest of the Paramedical sciences.
  • 8 To establish goodwill among Society, Hospitals for support for the fulfilment of the goal.
  • 9 To organize public campaigns to spread awareness about diseases and common household health-care systems and encourage the NGOs to participate in such initiatives.
  • 10 To promote co-operation and build relationship with the members of Paramedical fraternity by forming a unitary organization of paramedics.
  • 11 To encourage the mass awareness of several healthy hazards development in the field of Paramedical sciences and disseminate its benefits.
  • 12 To organize and provide for continuing Paramedical education programs for its students.
  • 13 To contribute remarkably to the world-class and reasonably-charged education and trainings in the sphere of paramedical sciences and ancillary healthcare services, in Maharashtra.
  • 14 To cater optimally to the ever-growing requirements of paramedical professionals and supporting staff in diverse medical fields in India's fast-paced healthcare sector, through producing a maximal possible number of well-skilled and reliable paramedical professionals and supporting personnel every year at all levels.
  • 15 To raise the quality and sincerity of the services provided by the paramedical professionals and staff in India in diverse disciplines of medical treatments and healthcare services.